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Downtown Monterey hotels

Downtown Monterey is home to several outstanding hotels that offer convenience, comfort, and charm to visitors. With their prime location in the heart of the city, these hotels provide easy access to popular attractions, shopping areas, and excellent dining options. One such hotel is the Portola Hotel & Spa, boasting luxurious accommodations and stunning views of the Monterey Bay. This hotel also offers a variety of amenities, including on-site dining, a fitness center, and a spa, making it the perfect choice for both leisure and business travelers.
Another notable hotel in the downtown area is the Hotel Pacific. This boutique-style hotel features elegantly designed rooms with modern amenities and a relaxed atmosphere. Its proximity to Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row makes it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the area's rich history and marine attractions. Additionally, Hotel Pacific offers personalized service and a tranquil courtyard, creating a peaceful oasis in the bustling city center.
If you seek a unique stay, the Casa Munras Garden Hotel & Spa is worth considering. This historic hotel showcases Monterey's Spanish heritage with its Spanish colonial architecture, lush gardens, and charming adobe style rooms. The hotel also houses a renowned day spa where guests can unwind and rejuvenate after a day of exploring the nearby historic sites, art galleries, and wine tasting rooms.
For a more budget-friendly option, the Munras Inn provides comfortable and affordable accommodations in downtown Monterey. While offering more modest amenities, the Munras Inn still delivers a cozy atmosphere and excellent service. Its prime location allows guests to easily explore the city's vibrant downtown scene, from the shops and small boutiques to the bustling nightlife and entertainment venues.
In conclusion, downtown Monterey offers a range of hotels to suit every traveler's preferences and budgets. Whether you're looking for a luxurious stay with exceptional amenities or a charming and affordable accommodation, downtown Monterey has it all. With the convenience of being situated in the heart of the city, these hotels provide a perfect base for exploring the area's many attractions, including the scenic coastline, historic landmarks, and vibrant downtown scene.

10 properties available

  • Holiday Inn Express Monterey-Cannery Row, an IHG Hotel
    Holiday Inn Express Monterey-Cannery Row, an IHG Hotel
    443 Wave St, Monterey, US
    • Free WiFi

    Experience a modern and stylish hotel in the heart of Downtown Monterey. Enjoy comfortable rooms, excellent amenities, and a convenient location near Cannery Row, all for a memorable stay.


    969 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$366.45including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • Villa Franca Inn
    Villa Franca Inn
    900 Munras Ave, Monterey, US
    • Free WiFi

    Discover a tranquil oasis at our charming hotel in downtown Monterey. Indulge in luxurious amenities, unwind in a serene atmosphere, and create lasting memories in this coastal paradise.


    531 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$183.79including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • The Stevenson Monterey
    The Stevenson Monterey
    675 Munras Ave, Monterey, US
    • Swimming pool
    • Free WiFi

    A contemporary and elegant hotel in the heart of Downtown Monterey. Experience a delightful stay with spacious rooms and exceptional amenities. Indulge in the serene ambiance and make lasting memories.


    943 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$237.46including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • Hilton Garden Inn Monterey
    Hilton Garden Inn Monterey
    1000 Aguajito Rd, Monterey, US
    • Free WiFi
    • Fitness facilities

    Experience modern elegance and top-notch amenities at this hotel. Indulge in comfortable rooms and enjoy a range of facilities that will make your stay unforgettable.


    929 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$307.82including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • Best Western De Anza Inn
    Best Western De Anza Inn
    2141 North Fremont Street, Monterey, US
    • Free WiFi

    A charming and inviting hotel located in Downtown Monterey. Experience cozy rooms, friendly staff, and a delightful continental breakfast. A perfect choice for your stay in Monterey.


    979 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$228.48including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • Mariposa Inn & Suites
    Mariposa Inn & Suites
    1386 Munras Avenue, Monterey, US
    • Swimming pool
    • Free WiFi

    Experience a modern and elegant retreat in the heart of Downtown Monterey. Indulge in luxurious accommodations and exceptional amenities for an unforgettable stay. Embrace the tranquility and sophistication of this hidden gem.


    1,056 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$236.83including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • Pelican Inn Monterey
    Pelican Inn Monterey
    1182 Cass St, Monterey, US
    • Free WiFi

    Experience the perfect blend of comfort and elegance at our modern hotel in Downtown Monterey. Immerse yourself in luxury amenities and indulge in a truly memorable stay. Discover a tranquil oasis within the heart of the city.


    951 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$136.19including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • Super 8 by Wyndham Monterey Fisherman's Wharf Aquarium
    Super 8 by Wyndham Monterey Fisherman's Wharf Aquarium
    1300 Munras Ave, Monterey, US
    • Free WiFi

    Experience comfort and convenience at our modern hotel in the heart of Downtown Monterey. Enjoy stylish rooms and excellent amenities for a remarkable stay. Explore nearby attractions and make lasting memories.


    150 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$182.12including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • Portola Hotel & Spa at Monterey Bay
    Portola Hotel & Spa at Monterey Bay
    Two Portola Plaza, Monterey, US
    • Fitness facilities

    Experience indulgence and relaxation at its finest. Immerse yourself in luxury with breathtaking views and rejuvenating spa treatments. Unforgettable moments await you.


    1,723 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$403.24including taxes & feesCheck Availability
  • Gosby House Inn, A Four Sisters Inn
    Gosby House Inn, A Four Sisters Inn
    643 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, US
    • Free WiFi

    Experience the charm and elegance of this historic inn. Indulge in cozy rooms, delightful amenities, and friendly service for an unforgettable stay. A perfect retreat in the heart of Pacific Grove.


    553 reviews

    1 night, 2 adults$294.36including taxes & feesCheck Availability

Things to do in Monterey

  1. School of Fish in Water

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium and explore the fascinating underwater world with diverse marine life. Observe mesmerizing exhibits like the kelp forest, jellyfish gallery, and penguin habitat.

  2. Landscape Chevrolet Chevelle

    17-Mile Drive

    Take a scenic drive along the iconic 17-Mile Drive, featuring breathtaking coastal views and landmarks like the Lone Cypress and Pebble Beach golf courses. Stop at multiple viewpoints to capture memorable photos.

  3. A Grizzly Bear at the Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams, Arizona, United States

    Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

    Immerse yourself in nature by visiting Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Enjoy hiking trails with stunning coastal vistas, encounter diverse wildlife, and marvel at the beautiful landscapes and unique rock formations.

  4. Group of People Near Buildings

    Cannery Row

    Explore Cannery Row, a vibrant waterfront district filled with shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. Visit the eclectic boutiques, indulge in delicious seafood, and learn about the area's rich sardine canning history.

  5. Humpback Whale Jumping on Ocean

    Whale-Watching Tour

    Venture out on a whale-watching tour and witness majestic whales in their natural habitat. Experience the thrill of spotting humpback whales, orcas, dolphins, and other marine creatures during this unforgettable ocean adventure.


Beste restaurants in Monterey

  1. Bowl of Mussels and Shrimps Selective-focus Photography


    Passionfish offers sustainably sourced seafood dishes with a focus on fresh and local ingredients. Their menu features creative and innovative dishes that are bursting with flavor.

  2. Pile of Shrimps on Plates

    Monterey's Fish House

    Monterey's Fish House is a local favorite known for its delicious seafood dishes, friendly atmosphere, and waterfront views. Their menu offers a variety of seafood options cooked to perfection.

  3. Three Assorted Drinking Glasses With Beer

    Cannery Row Brewing Company

    Cannery Row Brewing Company is a popular restaurant and brewery located in the heart of Monterey. They offer a wide selection of craft beers and a menu that combines classic pub dishes with unique twists.

  4. Strawberries

    The Sardine Factory

    The Sardine Factory is a historic restaurant in Monterey that has been serving guests for over 50 years. They offer an elegant dining experience with a menu featuring prime cuts of steak, fresh seafood, and homemade desserts.

  5. Woman Picking Pizza

    La Balena

    La Balena is a charming Italian restaurant located in downtown Monterey. They specialize in traditional Italian cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. Their menu includes homemade pastas, wood-fired pizzas, and a variety of delicious appetizers and entrees.


Landmarks in the area

  1. Aerial Shot of the Alcatraz Island

    Alcatraz Island

    Unearth the mystique of Alcatraz Island, a hauntingly captivating former maximum-security prison that was once home to America's most notorious criminals. Embark on an enthralling self-guided audio tour, where you'll delve into the island's rich history, hear spine-chilling stories of infamous inmates like Al Capone, and learn about daring escape attempts that continue to baffle experts.

  2. Golden Gate Bridge

    The Golden Gate Bridge

    Marvel at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, a magnificent engineering marvel and an internationally recognized symbol of San Francisco. Spanning the Golden Gate Strait, this suspension bridge offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline, the San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. Take a leisurely stroll or simply enjoy its stunning beauty from one of the many lookout points.

  3. Fisherman throwing Fish Net on Lake

    Fisherman's Wharf

    Visit Fisherman's Wharf, a waterfront area known for its atmosphere, fresh seafood, and array of attractions. Explore the historic Pier 39, where you can indulge in delicious seafood dishes, shop for souvenirs, or witness the entertaining sea lion colony. Take a ride on the famous San Francisco cable cars, or hop on a ferry to explore nearby attractions such as Alcatraz Island and Angel Island.

  4. Photo of Forest During Daytime

    Muir Woods National Monument

    Discover the enchanting beauty of Muir Woods National Monument, home to ancient coastal redwood trees that stand majestically in a peaceful forest sanctuary. Take a hike along the well-maintained trails, soaking in the tranquility and marveling at the towering giants. Learn about the redwood ecosystem and its importance for the environment while enjoying the serenity of this natural wonder.

  5. View of Illuminated City at Night


    Explore the vibrant cultural hub of Chinatown, one of the oldest and largest Chinatowns outside of Asia. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere as you wander through streets adorned with traditional Chinese architecture, and an array of shops and restaurants. Indulge in authentic Chinese cuisine, discover cultural treasures, and experience the traditions that make Chinatown a must-visit destination.